Laguna Woods Globe Article 12/ 5/2019

From the Laguna Woods Globe, December 5, 2019


Laguna Woods, CA – Villagers reviewing their 2019 charitable donations may want to consider a new option – the Village Community Fund, introduced this year. “Every donation now will help us launch,” said GRF Past President John Parker, who heads the group.

The VCF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization created by Village residents “to provide support for programs, services, and facilities that enrich the lives of older adults” in the Village and elsewhere. Parker stressed that the fund is separate from, but works in cooperation with, the Foundation of Laguna Woods Village.

“The Village has never before had a vehicle for managing tax-deductible donations for general projects, services, and facilities, although some other large HOAs have them,” Parker said, adding, “Limited naming rights exist for buildings, rooms, spaces, equipment, and facilities.”

The Village Community Fund’s role, Parker explained, is to plan and facilitate such gift opportunities in cooperation with GRF, Village Management Services, Inc., and individual clubs or groups of Laguna Woods residents.

In addition, Parker said, many Village clubs have members interested in donating to their clubs for approved projects. He cited a recent campaign in which the Video Club worked with the VCF to raise $1,600 in tax-deductible donations for Video Studio improvements.

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