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The Village Reads

The Village Reads is group of residents who select a book each year that they encourage everyone to read. They invite residents to attend a presentation and discussion about the book.

The event is part of something called a community read that is happening in communities all over the nation. You can search online for “one city one book” to learn more about it.

The goals of the event include:

  • To give participants a shared experience to help build community
  • To become a positive change agent in the community
  • To bring together the LWV reading community through a common experience
  • To value the pursuit of learning through reading books
  • To recognize our shared humanity

The group (soon to be a club) is raising money to help fund the event, which will be held in spring 2023 in one of our clubhouses. Details about the event will be coming out in January. This will be the second year the event will be held in Laguna Woods Village.

For more information, contact Raquel Unger at or 949-873-7003.

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