Village Community Fund

Do You have a Project that Needs Fundraising?

The Village Community Fund, a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, provides support for programs, services, and facilities that enrich the lives of older adults. Founded in 2017, it came into existence as a vehicle for residents, their family members, friends, and other charitable institutions to donate to planned improvements and receive a charitable deduction.

The Village Community Fund serves in an advisory capacity for approved projects, large and small. Applicants are responsible for raising tax-deductible funds which will be administered and distributed by the Village Community Fund. The heavy lifting is done by the applicants.

A club, organization, or group of residents (applicants) can apply to Village Community Fund for support with a project. For Laguna Woods Village projects, most must be approved by Village Management Services (VMS) as well as Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) before accepted as Village Community Fund projects, but we will help shepherd applicants through the approval process.

During the approval process, a committee of Village Community Fund board members will work with applicants to develop and plan the proposed project, including a timetable and budget, to facilitate charitable fundraising.

If you are interested in submitting a project please click on the Project Application button to download a copy of the form. The application has additional information on what information needs to be submitted. If you have questions, please contact our board president, Beth Perak at or 818-640-6878 (call or text).

Once completed, please email the Project Application to

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