For more than 50 years, thirty resident horses housed at the Laguna Woods Equestrian Center stables have provided the community residents and their guests a unique way to enjoy the great outdoors. Now it’s the community’s opportunity to support the horses through the Help the Herd Fundraising Campaign.

The Laguna Woods Equestrian Center is a throwback to the equestrian and farming history of the hills surrounding Laguna Woods, which at one time was barren except for 500,000 head of cattle, and the hundreds of cowboys and ranchers that initially created the Equestrian trails still used today throughout Orange County.

The Help The Herd Fundraising Committee, comprised of riders, Saddle Club members, horse lovers, concerned citizens and the Village Community Fund, was created to assure the horses continue to thrive and are available for the enjoyment of our residents.
Laguna Woods Equestrian Center’s horseback riding lessons, trail rides, and horsemanship shows have provided exercise and enjoyment for both riders and volunteers, and the fees for these activities have subsidized the costs to feed and maintain the horses and stable housing. A horse, weighing 700 pounds or more, requires regular care such as grooming supplies, shoeing; feeding including supplements and hay; vet visits for vaccinations and teeth cleaning; and saddles, bridles and blankets.

Meet the Herd

June Bug

Ready to Help the Herd? Village Community Fund, a 501C3 non-profit community benefit organization, is the official Laguna Woods non-profit providing donors a way to make a tax-deductible donation that will immediately go to work for the “Help the Herd” project. For information, contact:
Leslie Anne Mogul

To donate to this project:
Download a Donation Form and direct your donation to “Help the Herd Equestrian Center fundraising campaign”.
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Or mail us with a check made out to:
Village Community Fund
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