What We Do

Our Process

The Village Community Fund serves in an advisory capacity, fostering both large and small projects to benefit senior adults. For all Village projects, a group of concerned residents will form a committee, working with GRF’s cooperation and ultimate approval, to develop and plan the proposed project, including timetable and budget. The resident group is responsible for raising the tax-deductible funds which will be donated to VCF and earmarked for the project. Club Projects are coordinated with the Recreation Department and may or may not require formal GRF approval, depending on their scope.

Village Clubs wishing to undertake a tax-deductible fund-raising project through the Village Community Fund should download, complete, and submit a Project Application.

VCF also works to identify and interest residents and others who may wish to help us accomplish our goals. Raising funds to carry out our mission is a constant effort.

Some VCF funds will be donated to local non-profits that provide programs, services, and facilities for older adults, such as Age Well Senior Services, which includes the Florence Sylvester Memorial Senior Center.

We encourage and manage donations for projects that will make facilities better, safer, and more accommodating for the Emeritus Institute as well as for other Village programs and classes. Projects currently on our radar include:

Our Current Focus

  • Laguna Woods Performing Arts Center. Supplementing already-budgeted GRF funds to further enhance this facility.

The Video Club — to help their leaders carry out VCF’s first Club Project.

  • Video Studio Control Room/Classroom.
  • This $2,000 fund-raising campaign, undertaken by the 190-member Video Club, will furnish the new Control Room/Classroom and Light-Lock Entry which were added in January, 2019, to the existing Video Studio by re-purposing a portion of an adjoining room. The Video Studio, with two shooting sets, cameras, lights, and audio, is located in the Clubhouse 2 Annex near the Video Lab.
  • With the assistance of the Village Community Fund, the Video Club completed its successful 30th Anniversary Fund-Raising Campaign on July 31, 2019 to help furnish their new Video Studio Control Room/Classroom.
    • A total of $1,600.00 was raised in tax-deductible donations. The funds are being used to purchase three desks, four office chairs, and new camcorder for remote shoots.
    • The original plan, to purchase stacking chairs for meetings, classes, and studio audiences, was made unnecessary by the promise of 75 chairs being replaced in Clubhouse 6, thus making the camcorder purchase possible.
    • The campaign was launched on February 16, 2019, at the club’s 9th Annual “Academy” Awards Banquet.