Board of Directors

John Parker, President

John Parker

A former GRF Director and President and former United Mutual Director, John Parker is a second-generation Laguna Woods Village resident. He is a retired Professor of Ornamental Horticulture and a California-licensed landscape architect. He graduated from Cal Poly Pomona and served in the Philippines as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Kay Levingston, Secretary

Kay Livingston

A Village resident since 2008, Kay Levingston spent 30 years in residential real estate sales and management in Newport Beach. She has served on the Pickleball and Paddle Tennis Boards and as a Village Docent. She is currently a Disaster Preparedness Block Captain and is starting her eighth year as a Friendly Visitor through Social Services.

Mindy Armstrong, Treasurer

Mindy Armstrong

Mindy moved to the Village in 2004 and is currently on the Pickleball Club Board. She also volunteers for Meals on Wheels. Before retiring, she was engaged in banking and office management.


Joan Milliman
Leslie Mogul
Lucy Parker
Beth Perak
Diane Phelps
Sheryl Stritch

Betty Parker
Chief Financial Officer,
Village Management

Siobhan Foster
Chief Operating Officer
and Acting Chief Executive Officer,
Village Management