Hooray!  The Lite the Nite committee fundraising campaign is now complete, having raised $25,000in record time for Pickleball court lights to increase night-time court availability.  The construction project is now in the works to turn the lights on in early 2022.  Donors and volunteers to the project will have the opportunity to attend a Sneak Peek event as soon as the construction is done.  Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA, and a mainstay offered year-round in Laguna Woods. 

The seven outdoor pickleball courts are always busy

Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in the US, is a Laguna Woods mainstay offered year-round. The Pickleball Club’s 400+ members play on seven courts located at Gate 12, seven days a week from 7 am to 10 pm.  But wait!  Only four courts are lit.  Help us light the rest, which will increase night-time play by 75%.
All are welcome, simply “show up and play”. It’s easy to learn, offers opportunities at all ages from beginners to experienced pickleballers, and as a game of doubles it is highly social. There are free lessons, a ball machine, social events and tournaments.

Pickleball is a game of doubles on a small court

Even though we have reached our goal for LITE the NITE, our other projects need your help too. Please make a tax-deductible donation of any amount, to the Village Community Fund, a 501C3 non-profit community benefit organization, the official Laguna Woods non-profit raising funds for this project.

For donation information:
Contact:  Leslie Anne Mogul, Director of Philanthropy
Village Community Fund

Ready to play pickleball, or want to know more about pickleball?

Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Always consult a professional tax or financial planner in these matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Underarm serving adds to the ease of the game
  1. Do I have to be a member of the Laguna Woods Pickleball Club in order to play and how much is it?
    No, but it certainly helps. All residents may use the courts free of charge. However, club membership gives you access to information about scheduled events and pickleball activities. Membership is $15 per year.
  2. I am new to Laguna Woods and already play pickleball. Where can I sign up to play?
    Go to the Laguna Woods Pickleball Club site: It gives details of court time, when reservations are required, and when you can turn up and play.
  3. I’ve never played pickleball. How do I get started?
    Go to the Laguna Woods Pickleball Club site: for everything you need to know: Details of when and where we play, beginner lessons, and whom to contact. You will also need to read the rules for the game, court etiquette and safety, and how playing time is managed.
  4. Is there an age limit?
    You can play pickleball at any age, and you’re never too old to learn a new, fun game.
  5. What equipment do I need to start with?
    Suitable court shoes (such as tennis shoes) are prerequisite. Wear comfortable clothes or activewear, and you’ll need paddle. Sunglasses or safety glasses are also recommended for eye protection.
  6. Can I borrow a paddle? Where do I purchase one?
    Paddles can be borrowed at the Golf Pro Shop and at the CH 1 Fitness Center. Just use your LW ID card to check one out for the day. Most sporting goods stores (Dicks, Big 5) carry pickleball equipment and you can purchase online through pickleball sites such as or at
  7. I’ve never played a racquet sport. Does that matter?
    Not at all. We have plenty of people who have never played any racquet sports. Anyone can pick up a paddle and play. You don’t have to be good, you just need to enjoy yourself.
  8. How big is the court?
    20’ x 44’, smaller than a tennis court and equal to overall size of a badminton court.
  9. I can’t run very fast. Could I still play?
    Certainly. You will always find others to play with, whatever your skill and agility. (But accidents do happen so there is a basic level of mobility necessary.)
  10. Do Laguna Woods players participate in competitions?
    Yes. We have competitors and winners of state, western regional, and national championships as well as a professional county gold medalist. For those who are interested, there’s competition at all levels.
  11. What happens when it is too hot to play?
    In the hot months we play in the early morning, the evening, (hence the need for lights) and also have court time indoors.
  12. Where can I see professional pickleball games online?
    Check out the YouTube site of the Pickleball Association for some great games:
  13. My (great) grandkids are interested in playing with me. Is there a minimum age?
    Players must be at least six years old to play on the Laguna Woods pickleball courts.
  14. How long has pickleball been played in Laguna Woods?
    Since 2011, and the number of pickleballers grow every single year.
  15. Why does it cost so much to add lights to three courts?
    While we had the forethought to pull conduit to the 3 courts during court construction, we waited to see if the lights would be used before incurring costs for the fixtures and electricity hookup. Well, they are being used and the other courts need fixtures to be purchased, installed and hooked up.
  16. I play pickleball but I don’t play at night, so Lite the Nite doesn’t concern me, right?
    Lite the Nite will improve the court facilities for everyone by increasing the daily playing time available by 9-12 hours. This will naturally ease some of the crowding in other time slots, so everyone will have more opportunities to play and more choice about when they play.
  17. Is pickleball an Olympic sport?
    Not yet! A sport must be widely practiced by men in at least 75 countries and on four continents and by women in no fewer than 40 countries and on three continents. Pickleball is growing rapidly in popularity and any pickleballer will tell you that one day soon it will qualify as an Olympic sport.
All that matters is to watch the ball!

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