Village Community Fund

Past Fundraising Projects

Village Community Fund has been helping fundraising projects since its inception in 2017. The projects have grown in size. We started off with small projects, including:

  • Video Club Furnishings – For our first project, we helped the Laguna Woods Video Club raise $1,600 to furnish its newly renovated studio
  • Starter Clocks – $800 was raised to install a starter clock on the first hole of Laguna Woods Village Golf Course 2 and Course 3.
  • Covid Related – Over $3,000 was raised to help pay for masks for the Laguna Woods Florence Sylvester Senior Center and other covid-related projects

The projects have got bigger, including:

  • Lite the Nite – $25,000 was raised in 14 weeks to light the remaining unlit pickleball courts, increasing playing time by 75%.
  • Help the Herd Phase 1 – $10,000 was raised to provide care and comfort for the wonderful pack of horses at the Laguna Woods Equestrian Center.
  • Aqua Follies – $7,000 was raised to help pay for production costs, including the many different costumes the renowned Aquadettes wore for their September 2022 performance.

The projects are currently fundraising for are:

  • Help the Herd Phase 2 – We are currently raising $35,000 for much needed shade in the turnout stalls, new round pen fencing, and advanced vet care for GRF horses at the Laguna Woods Equestrian Center.
  • Where the Need is Greatest – We are raising funds for current and future fundraising projects and costs.

And what’s next? Do you have a project that needs fundraising help? If so, click here.

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